What is the Big Deal about Foam Mattresses these Days?

Are your friends choosing foam mattresses and raving about the great sleep they’re getting?  Are you wondering what’s the big deal about foam mattresses these days?  The popularity of foam mattresses is due to the exceptional sleep quality they offer.

There are 2 basic types of foam mattress, standard foam and memory foam.  Their advantages are quite similar.  Here are the top 4 benefits of sleeping on a foam mattress.

1. Foam mattresses offer superior support.  A mattress that doesn’t give you proper support isn’t worth having.  Both standard foam and memory foam mattresses are known to give more consistent support to every part of your body because they distribute your weight very effectively.

2. Foam mattresses relieve pressure points.  When you lie on an inferior mattress, certain parts of your body such as shoulders and hips carry the most weight.  You feel those parts pushing harder into the mattress, and it can be very uncomfortable.  These are called pressure points.  When sleeping on cheap mattresses, you tend to wake up with aches in your hips, shoulders, lower back, and other areas affected by the pressure points.

Because of the weight distribution provided by foam mattresses, the pressure points are greatly reduced.  They don’t carry a disproportionate amount of weight.  You wake up with fewer aches and pains.

3. You toss and turn less on a foam mattress.  When the pressure points are relieved, your body won’t need to turn as often.  You’ll sleep more soundly with less moving around.  This can be good news for anyone sleeping in the same bed as you.  This is one of the most important reasons couples give for rating their foam mattress higher than their old coil mattress.

4. Foam mattresses provide a more relaxing sleep. Most people say that the foam mattress tends to cradle their entire body, providing a very snug sleeping environment. Their weight is evenly distributed, the pressure points are reduced or eliminated, and they are able to relax more easily in bed.


These are the 4 top reasons people are choosing foam mattresses today in record numbers.  Those who use them claim that they are able to get to sleep more quickly, rest more soundly through the night, wake up infrequently, and disturb those they sleep with less often too.  The end result is that most people who sleep on a foam mattress say that they get a better night’s sleep than they did on their old mattress. If you’re not getting these results from your current mattress, perhaps it’s time to look into the benefits of foam mattresses and consider one for your bed.


What to Do with Old Mattress?

Have you purchased a new mattress and are now wondering what to do with the old mattress?  Would you prefer to keep it from being thrown into a landfill?  If you’d like alternatives to leaving it by the curb for the sanitary engineers to dispose of, you’ve actually got several options which we outline here.

1. Buy a cheap box spring and frame for it.

You can get a queen size box spring for under $100 and a frame for less than that.  So for under $200 you can have a decent bed for your guest bedroom.  Even if you don’t have a guest bedroom in your current home, if you plan to move to a bigger place in the next few years, it might be worth it to store the old mattress until you can make use of it.

2. Give it to charity.

If the mattress is in decent shape, many charities might be happy to have it.  These charities include homeless shelters, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities run by churches and non-profits, and those that raise money with resale shops.  Make a few phone calls to charities in your area.  You might be able to find one that will pick up the old mattress so you don’t have to borrow a truck to haul it anywhere.

3. Put it out by the road with a “FREE” sign on it.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as many of us have found out.  Make sure the weather is good because if the mattress gets soaked with rain you’ll have real trouble getting rid of it. A good time to do this is the evening before trash day when people often drive through neighborhoods looking for items in the trash that they can sell at yard sales or use for themselves.

4. Take it to the local recycling center.

Call to see if your local center takes mattresses.  Many do.  Strap your old mattress onto the roof of your car.  Cover it with the plastic cover from your new mattress if rain is expected, and take it down to the center. If your local center won’t take the mattress, search online for a private recycling facility that will.  In most of these, up to 90% of the material from the old mattress can be recycled into new uses.


You’ve got options for your old mattress other than tossing it in a landfill.  The alternatives we’ve offered here cover the DR3 approach: Divert, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

What Mattress Do Hotels Use?

Have you stayed in a hotel recently and really liked the mattress?  Perhaps you are interested in knowing what mattresses hotels use because you want one that is durable.  What mattresses do hotels use?  You’ll find the information here so that you can choose the same type for your personal use at home.

Hotel Mattresses are High Quality

Of course, not all hotels use the same mattresses but those you find in good hotels share one thing in common – they are top-quality mattresses.

Hotel management knows that the most cost-effective choice for their establishments is to buy the best mattresses available.   Large hotels often have mattresses designed exclusively for them by top manufacturers like Sealy, Serta, Simmons and others.

Most hotel mattresses feature a medium to firm innerspring coil that offers both excellent support and a comfortable night’s rest.  These mattresses are also very durable and can stand up to years of use and abuse by hotel guests. For example, while parents wouldn’t let kids jump on their mattress at home, the rule often doesn’t apply to hotel mattresses.

Hotel Use All Types of Mattresses

Innerspring coil mattresses are still the leading type of mattress used in hotels.  They are affordable and durable.  Some of the innerspring mattresses feature a foam pillowtop for extra comfort.  However, many hotels, such as Marriot and some Hilton hotels have switched exclusively to foam mattresses.  They often use latex foam but many use non-latex foam to avoid concerns about latex allergies.

Weather the mattresses are innerspring or foam, they are of the highest quality in the better hotels.

Specific Brands and Models

While the range of models varies widely, here are some of the specific brands and models that are being used today in some of the better hotels.

Simmons Heavenly Bed and Beautyrest in Plush and Pillowtop: Westin Hotels, Quality Inn and others.

Simmons 900: Westin and others.

Serta Perfect Sleeper: Fairmont Hotels and others.

Serta Hotel Line 3 Star, 4 Star and 5 Star: Hilton, Sheraton and others.

Serta Sapphire Suite Pillowtop: Various hotels.

Serta Serenity: Hampton Inn and others.

Serta Presidential Suite: Hilton and others.

Serta Suite Dreams: Hilton.

Sealy Monogram 800: Various hotels.

Sealy Posturepedic Plush: Ritz Carlton and others.

Sealy Sherman Oaks: Ritz Carlton and others.


Sometimes the mattresses found in hotels aren’t available for sale to the public – they are made exclusively for the hotel.  However, it is likely that the manufacturer makes a model you can buy that has the exact same specs as the one sold to the hotel.  It may simply have a different cover.  Choose a top of the line mattress and you’ll be assured that it is “hotel quality.”

What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

Have you heard that a pillow top mattress is really comfortable, a great way to sleep, and now you’re wondering just what one is?  What is a pillow top mattress?  You will find the answer here, as well as an overview of the types of pillow top mattresses available.

What Makes a Mattress a Pillow Top?

A pillow top mattress is one that has a layer of extra padding on top of the mattress core.  The extra padding is usually sewn into its own covering so that it is visible above the rest of the mattress, rather than simply being part of the mattress. A pillow top mattress looks quite different than a standard mattress.

Types of Cushion Used in a Pillow Top Mattress

There are several types of cushioning that are used.  Foam is the most common type of pillow top mattress currently available.  The foam may be latex foam, memory foam, or foam made from organic material such as soy. Memory foam is very popular because of its ability to cradle your body while you sleep and offer outstanding support along with relief of pressure points.

Soft fiber can also be used in a pillow top mattress and those made from down feathers are also popular.

Types of Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow tops are added to all standard types of mattresses.  You will find many innerspring (coil) mattresses that are completed with a pillow top, often made of foam. These mattresses are popular because they provide both the solid support of a coil mattress and the comfort features of foam. Many foam mattresses also feature a pillow top.  Latex foam mattresses provide excellent support and when topped with a memory foam pillow, they can be very comfortable.

Cost of Pillow Top Mattresses

Like any mattress, the quality of the materials and components will influence the final cost of the mattress.  However, you can expect a pillow top to add 10-20% to the price.  For example, if the mattress would normally cost $300 without a pillow top, you should expect to pay about $350 for one with a pillow top. A $500 mattress will cost $600-$650 with a pillow top.

Advantages of Pillow Top Mattresses

A pillow top adds luxurious comfort to any mattress.  That added layer of cushioning, especially if the mattress core offers good support, can give you the best both worlds – good support and outstanding comfort.

Disadvantages of Pillow Top Mattresses

If you buy a very thick pillow top mattress – 14-15 inches – you may find that your old sheets won’t fit it.  You may have to buy new sheets designed specifically for pillow top mattresses. Secondly, adding a pillow top to a mattress that is soft to begin with may create a mattress that doesn’t offer you enough support.  If you are going to choose a pillow top, it is recommended that the core of the mattress be in the medium-firm to firm range.


Pillow top mattresses are so popular today because they help people get a better night’s sleep.  Learn more about the types available and choose one you believe will give you the right combination of support and comfort.

What Does Flipping your Mattress Do?

Why should you flip and rotate your mattress?  While some mattresses being made today don’t need to be flipped, it still makes sense for you to rotate and flip most coil mattresses and many foam mattresses.  Here’s what flipping your mattress does.

How Mattresses Wear Out

When a mattress wears unevenly, it must be replaced more quickly.  It’s like traffic patterns on carpet.  Even if most of the carpet looks great, if the areas that get the most use are worn out, the entire carpet needs to be replaced.

In a mattress, without flipping or rotating it, the place you sleep on will wear faster than the rest of the mattress. This will cause the mattress to sag in that place.  The coils will wear out and won’t give you the support you need. You’ll have to purchase a new mattress earlier than you would if you rotated and flipped the one you have.

How Flipping Your Mattress Makes it Last Longer

When you rotate your mattress, you can more than double its life.  For example, if you have a queen size mattress and sleep more toward one side, rotate the mattress 180 degrees so that the head is now the foot of the bed.  You’ll be sleeping in a new spot, reducing the wear and tear on the old spot.

Next, if you turn your mattress over, as long as it’s not a pillow top, you’ll extend its longevity even more.

How to Flip your Mattress

If you’ve got a twin mattress, you can probably do it yourself.  If it’s a queen mattress or larger, it might be a two-person job. Here are the steps to rotating your mattress.

1. Pull the mattress away from the headboard by 2-4 feet.  The larger it is, the further away it will have to come so that it can rotate freely.  You may also need to move nightstands or dressers out of the way.

2. Turn the mattress one quarter of the way around so that it is sideways on the box spring.

3. Walk around to the side of the mattress that had been the head and rotate it another quarter turn so that it is now at the foot of the bed.

How often Should you Rotate your Mattress?

Most bedding experts recommend rotating your mattress every 3-6 months.  If the mattress seems to be developing a groove in it where you sleep, do it more often.  It should be turned over so the bottom becomes the top, about once per year.


Mattresses can be very expensive.  Flipping your mattress and rotating it on a regular basis will help you get your money’s worth from it in the years ahead.

Man vs Mattress

When it comes to getting a good night sleep perhaps nothing is more important than a quality mattress.  This blog is meant to be a repository of the mattress information I have gleaned over the years to help me in my battle to get a good night’s sleep.

I hope you enjoy the information I have found over the years and it will help you in your sleep future. 

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